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Heart of the Brush

Become introduced to shodō, or the Way of the Brush, with master calligrapher, teacher, and Zen scholar, Kazuaki Tanahashi. 

No previous experience in meditation or brush work is necessary to join this workshop.

In this workshop you will learn the basic skills of brushwork as you practice copying ideograms from ancient Chinese masterpieces (the traditional way of studying brush calligraphy). You will also interpret these works and develop awareness in the moment while exploring how presence with the brush works in our heart, our mind, and our environs.

Kazuaki Tanahashi is a calligrapher, Zen scholar, and peace and environmental activist. He is a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science and has had solo exhibitions of his brushwork around the world. The author of many books, he is a renowned and treasured translator of Dōgen - the founder of Soto Zen.  Kaz’s complete, two-volume translation of Dōgen’s Treasury of the True Dharma Eye: Zen Master Dōgen's Shobo Genzo was published in 2011. His Heart of the Brush: The Splendor of East Asian Calligraphy, a guide to the study of calligraphy, was published in 2016. 

Kaz will also offer an advanced workshop on Zhi Yong’s One Thousand Characters Thursday, September 26th.  For this workshop you do not need to consider yourself advanced, but previous experience with the brush and the brush strokes is assumed. Students in the Zhi Yong workshop also have the option of continuing their study during the Heart of the Brush workshop.

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

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