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Heart of the Brush – ancient Chinese calligraphy

Location: Hui Ho’olana on Molokai, Hawaii

A unique opportunity to experience the amazing teachings of Kazuaki Tanahashi, fully immersed for 7 days

Hui Ho’olana
is a living sanctuary on the Hawaiian island of Molokai where inspiration, transformation, and goodwill come together to make a positive impact on individuals and the wider world we share. This is a small, intimate setting with very limited seating. All rooms are shared in either the lodge or one of the rustic cabins. The grounds of the Hui are amazing and look out over the lower fields towards the ocean. There is artistic inspiration in all 360 degrees!

Sensei Kazuaki Tanahashi is a renowned calligraphic artist and teacher who works with hundreds of students in calligraphy workshops throughout the world each year. Participation In this workshop is an opportunity to study intimately with Kaz, exploring the practical wisdom of East Asian calligraphy brushwork. He will guide you in practicing, developing and creating your own samples from ancient Chinese masterpieces. Through Kaz’s demonstrations and shared knowledge your understanding will deepen. He will help you cultivate your own calligraphy practice. While practicing, this is as well an opportunity to witness our inner critic and move to closer enjoying the beauty of each moment.

One does not need to have any previous experience of calligraphy or know any East Asian language to take this course. It takes years of practice to become a seasoned calligrapher, but in this workshop, through Kaz’s unique style of teaching, you will experience a beginning and an advanced study of East Asian calligraphy.

In this course, you will:

• Examine samples from ancient Chinese masterpieces and make a close study of them by faithfully copying the characters
• Become familiar with the techniques, aesthetics, and philosophy of traditional brushwork
• Enjoy drawing lines and eventually creating beautiful pieces
• Learn to interpret the original artwork and create your own expressive work

Workshop Cost: $ 2,250.00 *this price includes all lodging (shared room),
all professionally prepared, primarily organic meals, all art materials and teaching.
It does not include any travel costs.

Registration: Each participant will be required to submit an application and non-refundable deposit of $500.00 to reserve their spot. Full payment for workshop must be received by 4 January 2019; to register, please email:

Learn more about the facilities by visiting the website: