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Zhiyong’s One Thousand Ideographs

Kaz Tanahashi continues his annual Madison advanced workshop on Chinese master calligraphers with a two-day study of Zhi Yong’s 1000 Characters.

According to legend, Emperor Wu wanted a calligraphy text for his son to study and asked Zhou Xing (470-521 CE), to cre. ate a 1000-character verse - with no character repeating - from the brushwork of Wang Xizhi, the Master of Chinese calligraphy. Zhi Yong (~580 CE), known as the Calligraphy Monk, later brushed 800 copies of Zhou’s 1000 Character text in side-by-side formal and cursive script and donated them to monasteries in his region. For centuries 1000 Characters was the basic literacy text in China, and Zhi Yong’s version was the most studied.

In this workshop Kaz will take us deeper into formal and cursive script through the study of Zhi Yong’s style. Workshop participants will have the option of closely studying Zhi Yong’s calligraphy, bringing their own calligraphy project to work on, or combining the two.

All participants can also register for the weekend workshop, Heart of the Brush, and during it continue, with Kaz’s input, working on their own project, studying Zhi Yong, or simply follow Kaz’s curriculum.

For information:

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Later Event: September 28
Heart of the Brush