Shambhala Mountain Center presents: Heart of the Brush

by Kazuaki Tanahashi


 June 27–30, 2019 

Become a brush and, step by step, we will find ways to foster joy and serene excitement, both in our art and in everyday life. Experiment with artistic interpretation and spontaneous improvisation using a variety of papers and brushes. During this contemplative retreat, we will explore the 1,700-year-old wisdom of East Asian calligraphy and engage our hearts in learning and creativity. We will faithfully copy selected ideographs in the different styles of ancient Chinese masterpieces. While practicing basic aesthetics and techniques of brushwork, we will notice how our inner criticism keeps us from fully enjoying each moment.

Two hours from Denver, our 600 acre, mountain valley facility provides an ideal environment for meditation, yoga, retreats, and conferences. 

Tuition $250 + 3 nights 

 For more information, registration or to request a free catalog: | (888) 788-7221 

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