March 25-April 7. Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico. “SUBLIME JAPAN: Arts Beyond Time.” With Roshi Joan Halifax and Mayumi Oda. For information: www.upaya.org.  Email: upaya@upaya.org. (505) 986-8518.




January 5. San Francisco Zen Center, San Francisco, California.  "Enjoy the Brush."  For information: www.sfzc.org. Email: zcprograms@sfzc.org. (415) 354-0408.

January 25. Kannon Do Zen Meditation Center, Mountain View, California.  “Kaz Brush Mind Workshop.” For information: www.kannondo.org.   Email: info@kannondo.org. (650) 903-1935.

February 7-9. Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico. “SKY ABOVE, GREAT WIND: The Life and Poetry of Zen Master Ryokan.” With Roshi Joan Halifax and Natalie Goldberg. For information: www.upaya.org. Email: upaya@upaya.org.  (505) 986-8518.

February 14-16. Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico. “CALLIGRAPHY: Love of the Brush.” For information: www.upaya.org. Email: upaya@upaya.org.  (505) 986-8518.

Februrary 18-23. Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico. “SESSHIN: Dogen’s Circle of the Way.” With Brad Warner. For information: www.upaya.org. Email: upaya@upaya.org. (505) 986-8518.

March 7-9. Heart of Wisdom Zen Center, Portland, Oregon. “Heart of the Brush.” For information: www.greatvow.org. Email: Registrar@greatvow.org. (503) 728-0654.

March 10-16. Mercy Center, San Francisco, California. “Zen Calligraphy Intensive” For information: Download PDF or go to www.zenbrush.net. 

May 2-4. Aikido of Champlain Valley, Burlington, Vermont. “Calligraphy Workshop.” For information: www.burlingtonaikido.org. (802) 951-8900

May 10. Dogen Zendo, Frankfurt, Germany. “Calligraphy Intensive.” For information: www.dogenzondo.de. 06101/813383.

May 16-18. European Academy, Akademie Sankelmark.  Schleswig-Holstein, Sankelmark, Germany.  “Brush Mind.” For information: www.eash.de.

May 23-25. Berlin, Germany. “Brush Workshop.” For information: doriswolter@gmx.de. 

June 4-9. Guanyin, Hamburg, Germany. “Calligraphy Workshop (advanced).” For information: www.petra-hinterthuer.de. Email: lotusbluete@petra-hinterhuer.de. (49) 40 476446.

June 13-15. Kassel, Germany. “Calligraphy Seminar.” For information: JanssenPsych@t-online.de. (49) 561 311769.

July 11-14. Tai Chi Center, Madison, Wisconsin. “Breakthrough with the Brush.” For information: kaztanahashimadison@gmail.com.

July 17-23. Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico. “SESSHIN: Dogen’s Time Being.” With Roshi Zoketsu Norman Fischer. For information: www.upaya.org. Email: upaya@upaya.org. (505) 986-8518.

August 1-3. Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico. “DOGEN SYMPOSIUM.” With Roshi Joan Halifax, Natalie Goldberg, and Professor Carl Bielefeldt. For information: www.upaya.org. Email: upaya@upaya.org. (505) 986 8518.

August 15-17. Shambhala Mountain Center, Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. “Brush Mind: Zen Calligraphy and Brushwork.” For information: www.shambhalamountain.org.  Email: callcenter@shambhalamountain.org. (888) 788-7221. 

September 6-7. Forestville, California. Forestville, California. “Zen Brush Workshop,” with Christine Haggarty. For information: www.zenbrush.net

October 3-5. Gyofu-An, Loulé (near Faro Airport), Portugal. “Heart of the Brush.” For information: yogazenpombal@sapo.pt.

October 10-12. Ho Sen Dojo, Antwerp, Belgium. “Brush Mind.”  For information: info@zenantwerpen.be.< (32) 487 644 282.

October 24-26. Zen-Zentrum Solingen, Solingen, Germany. “Brush Workshop.” For information email: zamet@aol.com. 49212/ 200339.

October 31-November 2. Vienna, Austria. “Heart of the Brush.” For information email: studio@podpoddesign.com.

November 4-11. Plazzo Minotto, Venice, Italy. “East/West Calligraphy Workshop.” With Monica Dengo. For information: Download PDF or email zenbrush@yahoo.com.

December 1-8. Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico. “ROHATSU SESSSHIN: Wisdom Beyond Wisdom.” With Roshi Joan Halifax and Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara. For information: www.upaya.org. Email: upaya@upaya.org. (505) 986-8518.


March 9-15. Mercy Center, San Francisco, California. “Zen Calligraphy Intensive” For information: www.zenbrush.net