“His smallest spots and fissures seem to have compelling interest. Even the smallest accident seems to have character, incident, form, weight, integrity.”

–Web Anderson, Honolulu Advertiser

“It is often powerful work, and always engaging, alive and elegant.”

–Barrie Hale, The Telegram, Toronto


“I discovered that he has often thought, agonized, planned, designed, dreamed, and thereby informed his hands for the moment when, once begun, the single brushstroke is inevitably also ended. That process seemed so like all the planning and preparation that often goes into malting a fine photograph...”

–Hyman R. Shevelev, The Photographic Journal


“In Kazuaki Tanahashi we find an embodiment of calligraphy’s past and future, as well as a fruitful collision of master, student, scholar, innovator, and eccentric.”

–David Schneider, Yoga Journal




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