“Suspended majestically across the front of the San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center, Circle of All Nations is both playful and profound, joyous and solemn. Like a spinning wheel weaving together the colorful threads of all the different nations’ flags, each clearly recognizable yet flowing into a harmonious whole, the image is the quintessential symbol of unity in diversity. In its path across the white field, the single multi-hued brush stroke has a lightness, an openness, that belies the physical weight of the six-foot-tall brush. Breezes ripple across the five panels of the circle, further enlivening its dynamic spontaneity, its gestural force. Marveling at its creation, one is reminded of the marvelous ideals upon which the United Nations was founded.”

— Sherry Chayat,
Syracus Herald American, Art critic


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Circle of All Nations